Poverty by Postal Code 2: Vertical Poverty

Declining Income, Housing Quality and Community Life in Toronto’s Inner Suburban High-Rise Apartments

Poverty by Postal Code 2: Vertical Poverty presents new data about the growing concentration of poverty in the City of Toronto and the role that high-rise housing is playing in this trend, while building upon the findings from Poverty By Postal Code, which looked at the spatial concentration of family poverty in Toronto over the past two decades.

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This new report tracks the continued growth in the spatial concentration of poverty in Toronto neighbourhoods, and in high-rise buildings within neighbourhoods. It then examines the quality of life that high-rise buildings are providing to tenants today. Its primary focus is on privately owned housing stock in Toronto’s inner suburbs.

A New Approach to Zoning for Apartment Neighbourhoods 2012

This apartment neighbourhood zoning report was commissioned in 2011 as a follow-up to the findings of Poverty by Postal Code 2: Vertical Poverty. The aim of this report was to identify existing policy barriers and contemplate policy alternatives to enable Toronto’s many hundred apartment neighbourhoods to reach their potential as healthy, vibrant and more complete communities.

Selected findings of this study were presented at the May 2012 Planning and Growth Management Committee at the City of Toronto. Following this presentation, the committee directed the Planning Division of the City of Toronto to work with United Way Toronto and project partner, the Centre for Urban Growth and Renewal, to develop a city-wide zoning strategy for apartment neighbourhoods to address the opportunities and challenges outlined in this report. The first phase of this ongoing work is to be completed in early 2013. The research presented in this document, developed in Spring 2012, informs this ongoing work.

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