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Report cover: TD's Toronto's Economic Recovery  Report 2010A new report from TD Economics: Toronto’s Economic Recovery Leaving Many Behind

While the Toronto area’s economy managed to charge through the recent recession in better shape than most urban economies in North America, showing a solid recovery since autumn of last year, there’s an important underlying story that cannot be ignored: for a sizeable amount of the region’s residents, recessionary conditions have extended into 2010 and—by some measures—have deepened. Read the report, Toronto’s Economic Recovery Leaving Many Behind, to learn what this means for the city’s jobless rate, people receiving social assistance and those on waiting lists for social housing.

Report cover: TD Economic Special Report 2007An Update to the TD Economics’ 2002 Report on the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) Economy

Five years ago, TD Economics released a comprehensive report on the opportunities and challenges facing Canada’s largest urban region: The Greater Toronto Area Economy: Canada’s Primary Economic Locomotive in Need of Repairs. In light of the flurry of developments that have transpired in the region since 2002, an update to the study was warranted. This report represents a look back at the last half decade, with a particular emphasis on answering three questions: what went right, what went wrong and what still needs to be done?

Strong Neighbourhoods report coverStrong Neighbourhoods: Supporting the Call to Action

Discussion Paper for Toronto Summit 2007

The history of our city is one of shifting settlement patterns and changing neighbourhood fortunes. This is the organic nature of cities. The newest and most desirable neighbourhoods today may be down at the heels 30 or 40 years from now. Most of our neighbourhoods are weathering this process reasonably well, as new families invest in the renovation of older homes and new business investments keep neighbourhood commercial streets flourishing. Other neighbourhoods, however, are not faring as well.

Report cover: TD Economic Special Report 2007Time for a Fair Deal

Report of the Task Force on Modernizing Income Security for Working-Age Adults

The Toronto City Summit Alliance and St. Christopher House launched the Task Force on Modernizing Income Security for Working-Age Adults (MISWAA) to address the urgent need to reform income security policies. There is overwhelming evidence that current policies and programs do little to realize and sometimes run contrary to their objective of supporting adults in gaining economic independence and a stable attachment to the labour market. The Task Force has created a report with specific recommendations and a roadmap for reform of the income security system for adults.

  • Full Report May 2006 (PDF—284 KB)
    Copyright © 2006 St. Christopher House and Toronto City Summit Alliance

Report cover: Enough TalkEnough Talk: An Action Plan for the Toronto Region

The Toronto City Summit Alliance represents a coalition of over 40 civic leaders from the private, labour, voluntary, and public sectors in the Toronto region.

We formed this alliance because we care about the future of the region. In June of last year, many of us participated in the Toronto City Summit—a conference of leaders representing the city’s diverse communities—to assess our urban region’s strengths and challenges, and shape a Framework for Action that could move us forward over the next five to 10 years.

Report cover: A Choice Between Investing in Canada's Cities or Disinvesting in Canada's FutureA Choice Between Investing in Canada’s Cities or Disinvesting in Canada’s Future—TD Economics Special Report 2002

In a series of speeches in 2001 and early 2002, A. Charles Baillie, TD Bank Financial Group Chairman and CEO, put forward an ambitious goal for Canadians—to surpass the U.S. standard of living within 15 years. He noted that the fortunes of our cities will be critical in meeting this challenge. While acknowledging that Canada’s cities are held in high regard around the world, he noted that many are showing signs of strain. To contribute to a national discussion on this issue, Baillie asked TD Economics to undertake a study of Canadian cities.

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