Websites, initiatives and related projects

Centre for Urban Growth and Renewal


The Centre for Urban Growth and Renewal (CUG+R) is a non-profit research organization formed in 2009 by two of Canada’s leading architecture, planning and urban design practices ERA Architects and planningAlliance (pA).

Toronto Tower Renewal (ERA Architects Inc.)

The Sustainable City: Tower Renewal Project

The Tower Renewal Project is an initiative to re-examine this remarkable heritage, neighbourhood histories, their current place in our city, and their future potential in a green and equitable Toronto.

Ontario's Long-Term Affordable Housing Strategy—Building Foundations: Building Futures

Building Foundations: Building Futures

The document Building Foundations: Building Futures outlines proposed legislation that is community-centered in its approach and is intended to transform the affordable housing system in Ontario.

Tower Renewal implementation Book

Tower Renewal Information Book

A document that builds on the Tower Renewal Opportunities Book, this includes information on the Tower Renewal program set out by the City of Toronto's Tower Renewal Office formed in 2009.

Tower Renewal

Tower Renewal is a program to drive broad environmental, social, economic, and cultural change by improving Toronto's concrete apartment towers and the neighbourhoods that surround them.


Hosted by the National Film Board of Canada (NFB), HIGHRISE is a multi-year, multi-media, collaborative documentary project about the human experience in global vertical suburbs. HIGHRISE includes stories from Toronto’s high-rise residents.

Ontario's Poverty Reduction Strategy

The Province of Ontario’s Poverty Reduction Strategy, including information on the province’s vision, targets and measures, the Ontario Child Benefit program and building stronger communities strategy.

Go Green: Ontario's Action Plan on Climate Change

Go Green: Ontario's Action Plan on Climate Change outlines the Province of Ontario's plans on how to approach the issue of climate change. This report also includes the relevant section, More Sustainable Cities and Towns.

Ministry of Infrastructure: Places to Grow

Places to Grow is a Ministry of Infrastructure initiative that includes the strategic document Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe, 2006, detailing relevant information on the Province of Ontario's plans to revitalize downtowns to become convenient and healthy centres, as well as providing adequate housing.

East Scarborough Storefront

The East Scarborough Storefront is a partnership of community members and services working together to create a thriving community in East Scarborough. This partnership focuses on bridging people, services and communities.