Why I Give

Ashley Lewis

Making an Impact

“The goal is to spark twenty-and-thirty-somethings to get involved with United Way Toronto and their community.”

Meet, Ashley — she’s a marketing manager at KPMG and a GenNexter who is helping make a difference in our community by giving back in various ways

Farah Qasemi

Setting Down Roots in Your City

“When you grow up in many different cities, people think you don’t put down roots in the community, but you do. The community’s issues become your issues.”

PwC employee and GenNexter Farah Qasemi gives to United Way Toronto at the Leadership level.

Anil Sanwal

Catch the Giving-Back Bug!

“Once our staff realize just how many agencies depend on support from United Way donors, they’re eager to do their part.”

Leadership donor Anil Sanwal believes giving to United Way Toronto is a great way to support our community.

Nazilla Khanlou

A Prescription for Healthy Communities

“Access to resources, securing housing and finding work — that’s what people need for a sense of inclusion and respect.”

York University instructor and Leadership donor Nazilla Khanlou believes that when we all come together, we can improve our city in different ways.

Uma Venkataramaiah

A new generation of community leadership

“It goes back to that personal connection I have with the organization. It's a foundational gift — it's giving back to your community.”

As a Leadership donor, Uma Venkataramaiah's dedication to giving back to her community is deep rooted and something she feels passionate about.

Wusooq Khaleeli

Helping build a better life for everyone

“I think that we as a community need to look after our most vulnerable citizens.”

As a Leadership donor who is active in his workplace's fundraising campaign for United Way Toronto, Wusooq Khaleeli is happy to have the opportunity to engage with the cause because of the work he sees being done in his new community.

Mark Fleming

Leading others in a common cause of caring

“How United Way Toronto approaches things — helping communities in need and the various programs — really matches with my and my family's perspective of helping out the community.”

By donating to United Way Toronto at the Leadership level, Mark Fleming has been able to direct his donation to where he thinks it's most needed.

Bill Piggott

Supporting the fabric that ties our city together

“It's a passion for me, it's something I hold close to myself — I believe in United Way.”

Bill Piggot gives back to his community. He supports United Way Toronto as a Leadership donor and he does even more by fundraising and educating his colleagues at ADP about the cause.

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