Stories from United Way Toronto

It takes the whole community working together to change social conditions. All across our city, every single day, stories of hope and change are happening. People in our community are making a difference by taking part, volunteering and giving. These stories shed light on people in our community who are working together to build a better future for everyone.

In the community

Raising money and funding our over 200 membership agencies is only the first step that United Way Toronto is taking to build a better city for us all. We know that meeting urgent needs alone is not enough—achieving an impact means including a second approach that focuses on bringing together and mobilizing people from across our city and all walks of life to take part in making things better. When we work together, we’re changing the conditions of not just individuals but neighbourhoods and the city as well—it’s what we call Community Impact and it’s what these stories illustrate.

Why I help

As many of our volunteers can tell you, there are lots of ways to lend a helping hand in making our city better. From volunteerism at a United Way Toronto member agency to taking part in a workplace campaign, thousands of people are giving back, making Toronto more resilient. People in Toronto have always come together, because we know that when we reach out a hand to one, we influence the condition of all. As these stories show, when we come together and choose to help one another, we can make a lasting difference.

Why I give

United Way Toronto has always worked to support the services that meet urgent need in our city. We have been able to do this good work thanks in part to the generosity of our many donors. By recognizing the growing need in their community, donors are making a direct impact by supporting a network of over 200 community-based health and social service agencies located across Toronto. Their inspirational stories illustrate the continued support and commitment that helps our membership agencies ensure the well-being of everyone in our city who needs support.

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