Media on United Way Toronto

If you are you looking for media content highlighting the achievements of United Way Toronto, this section of our website includes various helpful sources, such as media releases, news items, our Community Matters newsletter, public service announcements, archival content, and contact information on how you can reach us if you have a media-based inquiry. Media on United Way Toronto also highlights the work being done in our community by our member agencies, news on our initiatives, reports and research, projects and strategies, highlights of our donors and volunteers, government and organization partnerships, information on our fundraising efforts and special events, and more. If you do not find the media item you are looking for in this section, please email us at and we’ll assist you further. For immediate media inquiries, please contact Michelle Yao, Communications Manager.

Accessing archived media releases, news items and our newsletter

In our media section, you can access media and news item from this past year, or you can access our archived items. Simply click on the media type (release or news) and year you would like to search. If you cannot find the item you are looking for, please email us at and we will do our best to help you. You can also review archived issues of our newsletter, Community Matters, which contain past news, updates and stories on United Way Toronto. Finally, you can also access archived public service announcements and connect with our media contact if you have any inquiries about United Way Toronto in the media.

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