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Important!Tax receipts can be issued for donations of physical goods (not services) to your United Way Workplace Campaign.
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United Way Toronto’s gifts-in-kind program was created in 1993 to respond to calls from individuals and corporations wishing to donate surplus goods. In-kind giving is a donation of any non-cash product or good. United Way Toronto’s role is to match gifts-in-kind donations with charitable organization needs. In-kind donations are distributed to charitable organizations throughout Toronto who then determine which clients can most benefit from the donations.

You can make a gifts-in-kind donation by following these steps:

  1. Contact Grace Tay, gifts-in-kind coordinator to discuss your donation at 416-359-2063 or by email at gtay@uwgt.org.
  2. Complete the gifts-in-kind donation form (Word | PDF) and fax (416-777-0962) or email gtay@uwgt.org a signed copy to Grace Tay.
  3. Liaise with the recipient organization to coordinate pick-up or delivery of the donated item(s), once a match has been confirmed by United Way Toronto.

Please note that a tax receipt from United Way Toronto will be issued, if requested, once the donated item is received by the recipient organization.

If you are interested in making a gifts-in-kind, contact Grace Tay at 416-359-2063 or by email. For more information on United Way Toronto’s gifts-in-kind program, please read our frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions

What types of gifts-in-kind donations does United Way Toronto accept?

Examples of in-kind giving include, but are not limited to, donations of new and surplus inventory, donations of used equipment and furniture, donations of computers, household items, household furniture and unused hygiene products (such as toothpaste, soap, shampoo, for example).

We accept donations of tickets for events. To qualify for a tax receipt, the donated tickets must be received by United Way Toronto or the recipient agency at least 48 hours prior to the event. Donations of new or used clothes are welcome. Only new clothes are eligible for a tax receipt. There is no pick-up of clothes. However a drop-off location can be arranged.

We do not accept items that cannot be matched with a charitable organization’s needs. In addition, we do not accept stained items or items that require repair. We cannot accept donations from donors outside of the Toronto area; however, we will refer these donations to other United Ways.

How will the recipient organization use my in-kind donation?

The recipient organization(s) may use your in-kind donation to support the delivery of their invaluable programs and services to countless families and individuals in need.

Your in-kind donation will not be sold, traded, bartered, or used for any fundraising purposes, and must be used to fulfill the charity’s mission.

Does United Way Toronto charge the recipient organization a service fee?

No, charitable organizations are not charged an administration fee for this service.

What information do I need to provide to United Way Toronto and how will my information be used?

United Way Toronto respects and protects the privacy of our donors. Our privacy policy is posted on our website.

We ask that all donors complete a gifts-in-kind donation form for United Way Toronto’s records. If a tax receipt is required, all sections of the gifts-in-kind donation form must be completed including:

  • First and last name
  • Address
  • Description of item
  • Fair market value of item
  • Donor declaration
  • Donor’s signature

If a tax receipt is not required, the following information is required to match the donation with a recipient organization:

  • First and last name
  • Address
  • Description of item
  • Donor’s signature

Can I receive a tax receipt for my donation?

Donors are eligible for a gifts-in-kind tax receipt (PDF) if the donated item(s) can be utilized by a charitable organization and the item(s) is in good working condition.

We accept donations of jewelry and artwork but cannot offer a tax receipt for these items.

How is the fair market value of donated items established in order to issue a tax receipt?

For donations from individuals:

According to Canada Revenue Agency guidelines, in order to issue a tax receipt United Way Toronto requires official documentation (such as a sales receipt) or independent appraisal of the fair market value of the donated item. Tax receipts can only be issued when this documentation is on file with United Way Toronto.

If the original sales receipt is provided, United Way Toronto will depreciate the value based on the age and condition of the item. If the donor does not provide the original receipt or appraisal documents, United Way Toronto uses a variety of public sources to establish a value for the item.

United Way Toronto may request a current photo of the item in order to confirm its age and condition.

For donations from corporations:

If the donated item is an asset (such as used computers), the individual guidelines (above) apply.

If a corporate donation is from inventory (such as donation of clothing from a retailer) an invoice is required to establish fair market value.

**In all cases, the gifts-in-kind donation form (Word | PDF) must be completed in order to receive a tax receipt.**

When will I receive my gifts-in-kind tax receipt?

The gifts-in-kind tax receipt will be issued once the donated items are received by the recipient organization and the condition/value is confirmed and the required documentation (gifts-in-kind donation form and appropriate fair market value documentation—Word | PDF) is provided to United Way Toronto.

What is the deadline for submitting documentation to United Way Toronto in order to receive a gifts-in-kind tax receipt?

In order to receive a tax receipt for a gifts-in-kind donation made to United Way Toronto in the preceding year, all documentation must be supplied to United Way Toronto by January 15 each year.

I’m donating a large item. Can United Way Toronto pick it up?

Delivery or pick-up of donated items is coordinated between the recipient organization and the donor. If at all possible, we ask donors to deliver the item to help avoid any pick-up costs that might be incurred by the recipient organization.

I would like to donate an antique to the gifts-in-kind program. How will my donation be valued?

Antiques should be valued by an independent appraiser in order to establish a fair market value.

Does United Way Toronto accept donations of vehicles?

We do accept vehicle donations, if the vehicle is under 10 years old and in good working condition. If the vehicle is over 10 years old, these donations will be referred to other charities or to Findhelp Toronto.

Prior to making the donation, we ask the donor to do the following:

  • Certify the vehicle
  • Fax a resale information package from the Ministry of Transportation (the value of the vehicle will be shown on the statement report) to United Way Toronto to prove the fair market value of the vehicle

Following the donation, the recipient agency will do the following:

  • Transfer the ownership papers
  • Contact the donor for the release of the vehicle

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