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The GenNext Ambassador Network

Helpful tools for getting started

GenNext Step-by-Step Starter Kit
Looking to start a United Way GenNext program in your workplace? This helpful slide presentation will provide you and your colleagues with all the vital information you’ll need to get up and running successfully, including how to get colleagues involved, holding events and tapping into volunteering opportunities.

The Ambassador Network Fact Sheet
Are you looking to build up your leadership skills as you take an active role in establishing a GenNext program in your workplace? This helpful fact sheet will explain why becoming a GenNext Ambassador and joining the Ambassador Network will provide you with opportunities to give back to the community while building up valuable skills.

GenNext Reverse Day of Caring®
The Reverse Day of Caring is a new spin on the traditional Day of Caring event that allows GenNexters to engage in their community in a meaningful way. Instead of going out and volunteering at an agency, your employer creates an opportunity for clients from a local United Way agency to visit your workplace.

First-Time Donor's Super Tax Credit
Making a big difference where you live was never more within reach thanks to the First-Time Donor's Super Tax Credit. This is a useful resource when making a case for giving with GenNexters in your workplace, explaining how they can benefit from an extra 25% on their tax credit for charitable gifts on any single cash donation of up to $1,000.

United Way Toronto's Campaign Toolkit
United Way Toronto’s Campaign Toolkit has many helpful resources you can also access when running a workplace campaign:

The GenNext® Ambassador Network is made up of individuals who are passionate about United Way Toronto and who act as champions of the cause among the GenNexters within their workplaces.

Ambassadors help get their peers and colleagues involved with United Way Toronto’s fundraising campaign, and GenNexters involved in the community throughout the year. They do this through promoting volunteer opportunities and creating activities and events for GenNexters at their company to participate in, such as taking tours of United Way Toronto member agencies, bringing in engaging speakers to talk about their involvement with United Way, and social events to create networking opportunities for GenNexters to meet each other.

In some large companies, the GenNext Ambassador role is expanded into a committee of GenNexters working together. This committee works alongside United Way Toronto’s Campaign Committee and helps to engage people in their twenties and thirties not only with the annual campaign, but also with all their efforts throughout the year.

The Ambassador’s role

Ambassadors pass on information from the GenNext Cabinet and act as motivators of other GenNexters within their workplace. Ambassadors also build up a network of individuals who are interested in staying in touch with United Way Toronto and getting involved with the community. As well, Ambassadors plan a GenNext-targeted event during the workplace United Way Toronto fundraising campaign in order to build awareness about the cause and to get people involved.

Support for Ambassadors

All Ambassadors receive a manual that provides guidance on building a GenNext network within their company, as well as event ideas and things they can do to build awareness of United Way Toronto and engage their GenNext network. The GenNext Manager at United Way Toronto is always available to provide support and answer questions, as well as the Ambassador Network Officers of the GenNext Cabinet. Other GenNext Ambassadors are also available to provide support, share their experiences and offer ideas.

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