Privacy Policy

This policy outlines United Way Toronto’s (UWT) commitment to respecting the privacy of personal information of individual persons and explains how we collect, use, protect and disclose personal information. This includes the personal information of donors, prospective donors, board members, volunteers, individuals who engage with us on community initiatives, and our staff.

This policy governs the activities of UWT.  UWT is an autonomous organization, legally separate from United Way of Canada and other United Ways.  While all United Ways share a commitment and respect for personal information privacy, details on how each United Way does so can be obtained by contacting the United Ways individually.

Our Commitment to Protecting Your Privacy

UWT embraces the principles of the Canadian Standards Association Model Code for the Protection of Personal Information and will control the collection, use, and disclosure and disposal of personal information in keeping with those principles.

UWT recognizes that we rely on the support of hundreds of thousands of individuals who engage with us in support of their community. We recognize that information is precious, and our supporters trust us to treat their information with respect for their privacy and a commitment to protecting the confidentiality of data.  It is essential that we protect the privacy of the personal information individuals may choose to share with us or that we may gather by other lawful means.

What is Personal Information?

Personal information refers to information about an identifiable individual, but excludes certain business contact information, specifically name, title, business address or telephone number of an employee of an organization. From time to time, UWT may, acting reasonably, collect information about identifiable individuals from published or public sources for the purposes of developing relationships with individuals.

The areas in which UWT collects and uses personal information in accordance with this policy are principally, but not limited to:

Community: UWT’s work to improve social conditions involves working with individuals acting on their own initiative or as representatives of community agencies, governments and other partner organizations that share common social objectives. UWT gathers and uses personal information to keep individuals informed about relevant UWT activities and work, and with permission may share personal information with others who share similar social objectives and a desire for networking. UWT also gathers and uses personal information to provide professional development programs in the sector and with permission, shares personal information with previously identified program partners or vendors for the purposes of conducting program activities.

Donations: UWT will collect and use personal information necessary to process donations and payments, redirect a donation or any part of a donation to another charity as instructed by the donor, issue tax receipts, confirm renewal of giving and maintain a donation history, keep donors informed about giving opportunities and the work of UWT, acknowledge and recognize donations, and comply with federal and provincial regulatory guidelines and reporting requirements.

Workplace Campaign Participation: UWT supports workplace organizations who wish to run internal employee giving campaigns. UWT may be provided with employee names, business contact information and other employee-related information in order to provide personalized campaign pledge tools, whether paper pledge forms or secure online links, to carry out a workplace campaign. UWT will work with organizations delivering workplace campaigns to determine data needs that ensure an optimal experience for employees and which also meets the organization’s personal data management policies. The data provided to UWT is used only for the purposes of setting up the pledge tools. If the employee chooses to make a donation, UWT will retain personal information provided directly by the donor and any associated workplace employment information required to manage the donation. If the employee chooses not to make a donation or request further information, UWT does not retain any information provided by the workplace. In some situations, the workplaces run campaigns that reach beyond employees to include other related individuals such as retirees or contractors. UWT follows the same practices in working with organizations in these situations as with employees.

Volunteering: UWT will collect and use personal information to establish and maintain the volunteer relationship, assist volunteers in performing their volunteering roles and responsibilities, and keep them informed about relevant UWT activities and the work of UWT.

Event Participation: UWT will collect and use personal information necessary to communicate with individuals about events, contests and promotions that they participate in, issues concerning related transactions, information about other events that they may be interested in and the work of UWT; to recognize participation and award prizes; and to comply with federal and provincial regulatory guidelines and reporting requirements.

UWT Employees: UWT collects and uses personal information to establish, maintain, administer and terminate the employment relationship including ongoing obligations regarding benefits, medical history and pension.

For more information, please contact United Way Toronto’s Privacy Officer at 416-777-2001 or by email at

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