Our Commitment to You

Our charitable number
To view the information provided by United Way Toronto to Canada Revenue Agency in our most recent Registered Charity Information Return, please see our Charitable Registration number: 119278216RR0001

Responsible stewardship of our community’s resources

Every year thousands of people from across Toronto join United Way’s campaign to build a better city. We deeply value the trust placed in us by our donors and the community we serve. We work hard to ensure that trust is well-founded.

That’s why we do everything in our power to ensure that of every dollar we raise, as much as possible goes to the community. Last year, our combined fundraising and administration costs were 14.4% — well below the 35% recommended by the Canada Revenue Agency (learn more about your Dollars at Work at United Way).

Investing donor dollars wisely is just one measure of accountability.

Our commitment to our community is that we will always go one step further to promote transparency and accountability — and to ensure the support of our generous donors goes to those who need it most.

At United Way, we make every effort to be open in our financial practices. In that spirit, we have compiled the following links to detailed information about our finances and reporting practices.

Responsible fundraising and financial practices

United Way is a flagship member of Imagine Canada’s national Standards Program — leading the way in safeguarding donor rights by demonstrating the highest degree of transparency and accountability.

The Program provides a set of standards for charitable organizations covering everything from governance to ethical fundraising. United Way has demonstrated compliance with over 70 standards and in many cases exceeded sector expectations. For more information visit Imagine Canada.

Full transparency in financial reporting

The Voluntary Sector Reporting Awards (VSRA) recognize non-profits with annual reports that demonstrate the highest levels of accountability and transparency. In 2010 United Way won a VSRA for the third year in a row — and was recognized with a special Exemplar designation. For more information on this initiative of the Queen’s University Centre for Governance and PricewaterhouseCoopers, visit the PWC website.

Audited financial statements and reports

Each year an independent accounting firm conducts a full audit of United Way’s finances. Audited financial statements and previous annual reports can be found here.

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) requires registered charities to file yearly reports with detailed information about finances and activities. For United Way’s filings going back to 2000, visit the CRA website.

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