Social Media Guidelines for United Way Toronto’s Online Community

At United Way Toronto, we bring people together from all walks of life to build a better city for everyone. Engaging in social media allows us to extend this effort to the online sphere. We strive to demonstrate our values in everything we do both online and offline. We aim to be innovative and creative in responding to new challenges and strategies in the real world, the online sphere and on our social media profiles. And we care about the members of our online community — our goal is to treat each member of our online community with the same respect that we show all our constituents. At United Way Toronto, we provide non-partisan leadership in the community.

Above all, we’re personally committed to fulfilling our mission, which is to meet urgent human needs and improve social conditions by mobilizing the community‚Äôs volunteer and financial resources in a common cause of caring.

We also recognize that social media is ever changing. The social media sphere is growing — and we’re learning to grow and change with it. Because of this, our social media guidelines acknowledge that we cannot foster, be present on and utilize every type of social media outlet, but we do currently convey our message by using the following: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, and Flickr. We also connect our social media profiles to this website.

Read our full Social Media Guidelines for United Way Toronto’s Online Community.

Helpful tips for interacting with United Way Toronto’s social media

How to engage with our social media profiles

We encourage all members of our online community to contribute to and help share the United Way Toronto message via our social media profiles. We also encourage the reposting of our messages to their social media profiles and to that of their online network.

All members of our online community will benefit from adhering to the following best practices:

  • Use your best judgment when posting anything.
  • If you’re not sure about posting content, just ask! Email us at and we’ll help guide you.
  • Refrain from creating a social media profile or alias that includes the United Way Toronto brand or any other intellectual property that belongs to us. Instead, contact United Way Toronto’s New Media department if you would like to use our logo or brand by emailing us and we’ll help you.
  • Be transparent, honest and inclusive in your posts.
  • Keep a ‘world view.’ Our online community is diverse and inclusive; be mindful and respectful.
  • Review your posts first and determine if they may be detrimental to others in any way.
  • Remember that the Internet is permanent. Local posts can have a global impact. What you post will potentially live in perpetuity online, so always remember to think twice, post once.
  • Give credit where credit’s due. Consider copyright, ownership and fair use when reposting United Way Toronto’s or anyone else’s intellectual property.
  • Report any negative or damaging content you encounter online that is aimed at United Way Toronto by emailing us. Do not respond to the content yourself, but do keep records of what you encountered and share it with us — we’ll take it from there.
  • When you are engaging with our social media properties, or any other online property, remember that you are the last line of defense of your own privacy.
  • Use common sense when posting any personal information to our profiles.
  • Be sure to properly turn on your privacy settings and controls on your own social media profiles. Check on a regular basis, as they can change if the social media outlet changes.
  • Remember that you’re always ‘on.’ When generating new content about UWT while using your social media profiles, make it clear that you are representing our organization when speaking to our activities.
  • When online, don’t behave any differently than you would in any other public or professional setting.
  • Ask first and get permission before posting or using any of our branding, marketing material, print or online material, or any other intellectual property. You can do this by emailing us at
  • Are you looking to use social media for your United Way event or workplace campaign? Contact us first at and we’ll help you.

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